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Move Without Rhythm , and You Wont Attract the Worm

It is by will alone i set my mind in motion

6 February 1987
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Well, im Sam, im 22 years old , i act like im about 90 (or so ive been told by some) Im generally a miserable bastard, and my journal has pretty much no content thats worthreading , so basiclly , if you have somehow stumbled across this page , go awaynow.
80s, alchemy gothic, alcohol, andromeda ascendant, anita blake vampire hunter, anthrax, beastie boyz, beer, being a ginger bastard, black, black rose, black sabbath, blades, blue oyster cult, books, boots, c.a.m.r.a, camden, classic rock, clubbing, comedy, constructive insanity, covenant, cybergoth, cybernetics, dan abnett, dancing like a nutter, dark humor, discworld, douglas reeman/alexander kent, dragons, dune, dvds, ebm, explosions, fantasy, fiction, fire, futurama, games workshop, geeks, geeky stuff, ginger hair, girls, glowing, glowing stuff, glowsticks, goth, gothic, goths, green day, guinness, guns, history, industrial, insanity, iron maiden, james bond, knives, lacuna coil, london, long hair, lordi, making things, megadeth, merry drunkeness, metal, metallica, military uniforms, monkeywench, monty python, motorhead, mp3s, nine inch nails, nirvana, old kids tv programs, paintball, paintballing, pantera, parodies, piercings, piercings and tattoos., playing computer games, power tools, powerboating, prodigy, pubs, pubs that do lock-ins, r.e.m., rammstein, reading, real ale, red alert 2, red dwarf, robert rankin, robots, rock, rowing, royal navy, rpgs, sailing, sci-fi, science fiction, shopping for myself, shopping for presents, silver, silver jewellery, slayer, sonata arctica, southpark, soviet union, spawn, spikey bits, star wars, stompy boots, swords, synthetic culture, synthpop, system of a down, tattoos, techno, terminator trilogy, terry pratchett, the egg club, thrash, trad goth, transformer toys, transformers, underworld, underworld:evolution, uv lighting, uv stuff, uv/neon lights, vampires, vnv nation, vodka, weird al yankovich, women, wumpscut, yachting, zodiac